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Oil and Gas Industry Coatings and Linings

Belzona epoxy-based metal repair composites, coatings and linings are specifically formulated to repair and protect equipment in the Oil and Gas industry.  

Belzona's wide range of epoxy-based metal repair composites and high temperature coatings and linings has been used in the Oil and Gas industry since the late 1970s. Our materials are specifically designed to provide outstanding erosion and corrosion protection and chemical resistance for equipment operating offshore and onshore at various temperatures and pressures. Belzona offers cost effective solutions, which reduce downtime and labour costs while eliminating the need for equipment replacement.

Internal and external protection of process vessels 

Belzona elevated 60°C - 90°C (140°F - 194°F) and high temperature 90°C - 160°C (194°F - 320°F) linings can be spray or hand-applied and, once cured in service, form a barrier between the substrate and corrosive media, enabling the operator to extend the corrosion management timescales. As well as resisting erosion-corrosion, Belzona linings are designed to withstand vast pressure and temperature fluctuations, including steam-out and explosive decompression. A complete corrosion solution includes small bore nozzle and flange face protection, using materials such as Belzona 1511 (Super HT-Metal) and Belzona 1391T, in order to fully isolate the substrate from the corrosive environment.

Pipework repair and protection

Thin-wall and through-wall damage can be repaired with the use of Belzona metal repair composites. Pipe wraps, plate bonding and pit filling can prolong the life of assets.

The strength of corroded, weakened and holed pipe and tank walls can be restored with Belzona SuperWrap II. This wrap system can also be applied in accordance with the ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 standards. Belzona SuperWrap II is one of the strongest composite wrap systems on the market and its tensile shear adhesion actually increases in service. It is suitable for pipes and vessels, including complex geometries and can repair thin- and through-wall defects, eliminating the need for traditional cut and weld hot work. The system is suitable for use in a range of climates and service temperatures (up to 150°C (302°F).

Belzona 3412 can be used to prevent flange corrosion by sealing the flanged connection from the environment. The system can be easily peeled back for inspection and resealed to reinstate protection.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) can be repaired using surface-tolerant heat-activated polymeric materials and further corrosion prevented by encapsulating the insulation with a microporous Belzona 3211 (Lagseal) system.

Cold bonding

Belzona provides cold bonding solutions as an alternative to welding for installation and maintenance of assets such as decks, tanks, pipes and fittings, which can be safely and easily carried out in situ. Deck equipment, framework and supports can be bonded permanently and safely. Belzona cold bonding is equally effective at the fabrication stage, during turnarounds or whilst the platform is in operation. Corroded equipment and structures can be repaired in situ with Belzona’s pioneering injection bonding technology. This technique has been successfully utilised for deck renovation and other structural integrity repairs.

Splash zone repair and protection

Corrosion resistant repair composites and coatings can be used to repair rubber sheath and pitting corrosion damage and will ensure long-term erosion and corrosion protection of risers. Belzona's flexible sealing solutions such as Belzona 2111 (D&A Hi-Build Elastomer) can be used for repairs, creation of fillets and rubber rebonding. Belzona's surface-tolerant protective coatings such as Belzona 5831 (ST-Barrier) can be applied in situ on splash zones and below the waterline.

Storage tank and secondary containment area repair and protection

Belzona provides solutions for damaged storage tanks including emergency leak sealing and cold plate bonding, using fast-curing epoxy materials that will eliminate the need for hot work, therefore reducing health and safety concerns. Tank bases can be sealed with our solvent-free coatings such as Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane) that will allow trapped moisture to escape whilst preventing water ingress at the tank base for long-term protection.

Concrete floors and walls of secondary containment can be repaired and protected using the range of Belzona concrete repair composites and coatings, which will greatly reduce downtime. Concrete repair materials such as Belzona 4111 (Magma-Quartz) are ideal for the repair and resurfacing of damaged secondary containment areas. Epoxy coatings such as Belzona 4361 and Belzona 4341 (Magma CR4) are designed to provide long-term chemical protection against a wide range of substances including acids and alkalis even at high temperatures.

Carbon Capture

Power generation sites are increasingly capturing the carbon dioxide that is produced as a way to help reduce the carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Amine stripper columns, found at oil and gas facilities, remove carbon dioxide present in process streams.

Being constructed out of steel, amine stripper columns can suffer from corrosion which can lead to reduction in wall thickness, and, in turn, force the operation to shut down. Traditional repair methods, such as welding, are not always possible in these situations, which makes Belzona’s cold bonding solutions a go-to for asset owners.

Areas of the column that suffer metal loss can be rebuilt with Belzona’s high temperature repair solution, Belzona 1511, which provides excellent long-term corrosion protection. Belzona 1593 and Belzona 1391T are both high-temperature coatings which can be used in amine stripper columns to protect against corrosion (choice of solution is dependent upon the specific amine used).


Many Oil & Gas fields are now in the last life stage of their operation or nearing the end of their productive life. In particular, in offshore fields this leads to the difficult process of how, and when to remove or re-purpose these installations. The period between cessation of production, and removal of process equipment basic structural safety, even with minimal pressure systems on-board.

Belzona can support clients in this phase with repair, bonding, sealing and coatings appropriate for the environment. Belzona 1111 and Belzona 1121 metal composites are suitable for many repairs including rebuilding areas of metal loss through corrosion or erosion bonding plates to re-build structural strength. Belzona 1611 can also be used to carry out the same repairs, but underwater.  Belzona 5831LT has been specifically designed for low temperature environments such as the North Sea, a coating that provides protection of metallic and non-metallic surfaces. We also have a range of elastomer products for more flexible repairs to hoses and buoys. 


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